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IoT means more and more devices are now connected to the internet than ever before. We'll help you ensure a safe and secure internet experience.

Web Shield

A router level solution protecting every single device that is connected to your network by limiting content viewed on the web based on your predefined rules.

Device monitoring

Knowing what your children are doing on their mobile devices and computers has become a vitally important part in ensuring your children are safe.

Network Risk Assessments

Every network has it's flaws. We'll perform a detailed network assessment and help you identify and secure any potential points of entry.

IT Policies & Procedures

An effective IT policy coupled with a fail proof disaster recovery management system is key to preventing critical data loss.

Corporate Workshops

Training focused on best business practice to educate employees about the importance of corporate network security.

Children's Workshops

More is done online than ever before, we provide training course that teaches children how to be safe in an ever growing online space.

Welcome to Web Protect

Web Protect is rapidly growing information technology company specializing in data protection, education and device monitoring solutions for both corporate and personal use. Our bespoke solutions are designed to suit each individual customers requirements ensuring that your specific needs are expertly catered to.

We have a passion for ensuring data integrity while educating people young and old about the dangers they may face online. We take a proactive approach effectively reducing the risk the end user faces while implementing effective disaster recovery strategies to prevent critical data loss.

Our team has over 45 years worth of experience in the information technology, child protection and security industry which allows us to effectively implement solutions for both corporate and individual needs.

Our solutions include Asset tracking and management, Device monitoring and management, Network risk analysis, Custom development of IT policies and procedures as well as corporate and children’s workshops focused on internet safety and security.


Meet our team...

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Donovan Visser

Donovan Visser

Data security and Software

11 Years in the information technology sector with a wealth of knowledge of online safety and security specializing in data integrity and child protection.

Luke Lamprecht

Luke Lamprecht

Child Protection and Development

Child protection and development specialist who has worked in the NPO field for 24 years and is currently a director at Lefika La Phodiso

Tasha Fourie

Tasha Fourie

Legal advisor and Public relations

A legal adviser with an LLB degree focusing on the legal aspects of device monitoring and usage in order to comply with ownership rights.

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